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LEGAL PROS is a community of legal professionals and corporations from all over the world, active in legal project work.

LEGAL PROS creates an opportunity for new working experiences for LEGAL PROFESSIONALS, i.e. lawyers, law clerks and „to-be-lawyers“ worldwide. For legal professionals these days new professional opportunities occur, which we want our users to profit from. This is why with LEGAL PROS we offer a platform on which LEGAL PROFESSIONALS may present their skills and qualifications, may communicate with each other and may connect with project initiators and business clients to solve their legal questions or to satisfy their need for qualified human resources.

Corporations, law firms and accounting firms seek legal professionals to cover their need for projects such as document review, legal discovery, due diligences and administrative projects. LEGAL PROS will provide them with a community in which they may post their job offers and thus gain access to qualified professionals all over the world with „one mouseclick“. We believe that in the future, not only legal project work but also other legal tasks will be solved by independent LEGAL PROFESSIONALS sought through platforms like LEGAL PROS. Corporations may even use LEGAL PROS to tender certain legal issues, particularly larger projects seek services from independent LEGAL PROFESSIONALS.

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LEGAL PROS grants access to legal professionals as project professionals, with proven language skills and international project experience. Coming soon: Our new badge-system will provide a classification of qualification and experience.



Legal professionals who are able to supervise standards in different languages, are more and more required. LEGAL PROS grants access to legal professionals and provides a platform on which it’s members may independently organize their legal project work for months in advance.



We are working on enhancements to provide a useful platform to our members (LEGAL PROFESSIONALS, law firms, accounting firms, project service providers, human resource specialists, corporations, business clients). The ideas of our members are part of the development and may be honored by granting qualification credits. Active participation by our members is highly appreciated and welcome!



Our community is private. Profiles are only visible to registered and logged in members and project initiators. All data is confidential and won’t be delivered to third parties.

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How we can be useful for you

Matching- and Exchange-Platform for Legal Professionals

LEGAL PROS is a Matching- and Exchange-Platform which meets the needs of a changing industry structure. LEGAL PROS provides a transparent infrastructure for companies and law firms to communicate and exchange professional tasks with LEGAL PROFESSIONALS. LEGAL PROFESSIONALS have the opportunity to market their profile and expertise on LEGAL PROS’s platform and to acquire clients and mandates particularly in the field of legal project  work.


LEGAL PROS provides a platform on which LEGAL PROFESSIONALS may organize their legal project work for months in advance, and thus achieve professional security, while concurrently maintaining the freedom to decide where and when they work. LEGAL PROFESSIONALS may further present their professional expertise and scills within the community and thus akquire new clients or compete with other experts.

Membership for LEGAL PROFESSIONALS as well as companies and law firms seeking the expertise of LEGAL PROFESSIONALS is free. LEGAL PROS implements features, which support professional services rendered within LEGAL PROS by it’s members to other members (companies) such as time-/project trackers and others. LEGAL PROS will only receive a revenue share once a real added value for it’s members has been created. LEGAL PROS thus creates a win-win-situation for its users, i.e. corporations/project initiators and LEGAL PROFESSIONALS.


Globalization bears legal challenges, as corporations must observe numerous international compliance standards and laws. Corporations are now confronted with claims from all over the world. Often from outsourced legal service providers, which support law firms and requisite clients challenges.

Projects may comprise due diligences, e-discovery, and other legal matters. This bears new approaches for legal professionals, as they may work on these projects, which arise globally – and for limited terms. Particularly the increasing challenges to create transparency in ever rising data volumes for the sake of compliance, create a growing market to project-attorneys or legal professionals willing to decide independently where and when to work. We of LEGAL PROS believe that this will eventually change the legal industry as demand for legal project work is increasing and will be met by easily accessed and transparent market supporters such as LEGAL PROS. Corporations and law firms will seek to on a project by project basis link with specialized LEGAL PROFESSIONALS instead of maintaining expensive overhead-intensive infrastructures. For LEGAL PROFESSIONALS new opportunities are thus being created with the help of the LEGAL PROS’s platform.


Our initial focus lies on foreign language professionals. In the English language world e-discovery and legal project work is already established. In other countries, particularly in continental Europe, this is a new and quickly growing field of work.

LEGAL PROS provides access to these professionals, who individually offer their skills in different languages besides English: for instance, in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, and others. LEGAL PROS supports project initiators and corporations to cover their need in terms of qualified human resources.

LEGAL PROS further offers administrative tools to execute legal project work such as project- or time-trackers and agreement templates. LEGAL PROFESSIONALS and project initiators may thus save on costs for administration and infrastructure.


As international legal standards, particularly compliance standards, spread throughout the business world, LEGAL PROFESSIONALS who are able to supervise standards in different languages, are more and more required. LEGAL PROS grants access to legal professionals who are interested in this new work experience, as a project professional, with international and flexible project experience.

Through our platform, companies, project service providers and law firms get direct access to LEGAL PROFESSIONALS, who present their skills and qualifications in a transparent manner.


LEGAL PROS is publishing a weekly blog on different themes concerning the legal industry such as industrial structures and the disruption thereof, legal standards, legal questions such as data security and compliance and much more.

LEGAL PROS will further implement a contract library to be maintained by it’s members who may upload agreement- and guideline- templates to be commented on or used by other legal professionals or companies. LEGAL PROS will thus provide hands- on tools to support it’s members.


LEGAL PROS’ members may get qualified by actively participating in LEGAL PROS’ platform activities and thus earn badges and points to step up to certain levels of LEGAL PROS’ career ladder. Eventually, qualified levels of certification enable members to publish their own blog articles or to post job offers or to even participate in revenues earned by LEGAL PROS through their participation.


Highly qualified specialists

Konstantin von Reden-Lütcken

Founder | Lawyer, MBA

E: konstantin@legal-pros.eu

Konstantin von Reden-Lütcken, 45 years old has worked as inhouse and self-employed lawyer since 2000 after his legal studies in Heidelberg, Freiburg/Breisgau and Berkeley, California. From 2004 til 2006 he passed a part-time Mediamanagement MBA at Steinbeis-University in Berlin and has since then been active as strategy consultant and entrepreneur besides working as a lawyer. In early 2017 Konstantin received a certification as Certified E-Discovery Specialist by the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (Florida, United States).

Konstantin is the managing director of LEGAL PROS.


Gesine Aguilar Paz

Co-Founder | Engineer

E: admin@legal-pros.eu

Gesine Aguilar Paz is a graduate engineer of print and media technology (Berlin, Beuth University of Applied Sciences). After working in Berlin as a freelancer on numerous national and international projects she founded her own company “Sinchen Media” in 2011.

She is responsible for the design and the front end development of LEGAL PROS.


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