The following conditions of usage must be approved by each user registering at the Legal Pros community platform. Please read the conditions carefully and set your mark where indicated if you agree with them.

  1. Legal Pros is being operated by SilverScreen Associates GmbH.

    Legal Information:
    SilverScreen Associates GmbH
    Rue Doret 7, 13405 Berlin, Germany
    Managing director: Konstantin v. Reden-Lütcken, MBA
    Registered in the companies register of the local court of Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany under HRB 106295 B

  2. What is Legal Pros: Legal Pros is a platform, which enables legal professionals to get in contact, to engage with each other in a professional manner or to present ones expertise to other Users. Legal Pros is a matching platform and it offers a market place for talent, which may be presented through the Users’ profiles or by participating in Legal Pros activities such as the Legal Pros Blog, the to be implemented Legal Pros Contract- and Guideline Library and more.
  3. Who is eligible to use Legal Pros: Legal Pros is a platform for legal professionals and students of law, who are particularly interested in working on „e-legal projects“ („e-legal projects“ comprise any legal project such as e-discovery, e-forensics, due diligences and other legal projects), to offer their expertise as freelancers directly to companies or – in regards to students of law – who are interested to experience working life through internships. Further, the platform may be used by companies, which have need for professional human resources for their e-legal projects or which seek legal advice directly from other Users. Companies will further be able to tender out certain legal tasks within the Legal Pros community, they may access contract-templates created and edited by Legal Pros’s Users or companies may recruit young talent by offering students of law internships. Both, companies legal professionals and students are hereinafter referred to as the or a „User“ or the „Users“.
  4. How to register: Any User may get registered with the Legal Pros platform. There are no further requirements than to complete ones user-profile and to load up a proof of qualification (for example: bar admission, master of law, state examination, enrolment in a law-class, certificate of incorporation in case of company). As the professional knowledge of the English language is mandatory, these conditions of use and data privacy are only available in English. Further, the Legal Pros-platform is mainly being operated and maintained in English.
  5. Company page/recruiter: In addition to your registration, you may once registered set up a company’s profile and as such you may then post “jobs”, i.e. job assignments, legal project jobs, legal assignments, which will be notified to eligible, qualified members suitable for the respective job. Once having set up a “Company’s Profile”, you qualify as a “Recruiter” and as thus you will receive the ability to post jobs. As a “Recruiter” you do may complete and maintain your personal member profile and you may – if you possess and upload a proof of qualification – become a LEGAL PRO. But as a “Recruiter” you may also maintain a profile and use services of LEGAL PROS without qualifying as a legal professional.
  6. User’s conduct: Legal Pros expects it’s users to always treat each other, the Legal Pros’s team and other people with professional conduct, respect and tolerance. Legal Pros users must always comply with the rules, which govern all aspects of Legal Pros particularly additional rules, which may be issued for special areas of Legal Pros.
  7. Legal Pros Performance Credits: Users may earn Legal Pros Performance Credits (“LPPC”)(also referred to as “Points”) by participating in the Legal Pros platform activities. LPPCs may be earned through completing ones user-profile, by uploading a CV and complete “proof of qualification documentation”, by inviting new members, by writing Blog-Articles, by uploading template agreements in the respective market place or by commenting any of the before mentioned or by otherwise actively participating. Actions, which entitle Users to earn LPPCs will be set forth in the Menu-item Legal Pros Performance Credits. Users, which have earned sufficient LPPCs will be entitled to incentives such as Legal Pros Certificates, the eligibility to freely post articles or even a financial participation in revenues generated through the Users’ activities. How many LPPCs may be earned by which performances and which incentives are being made eligible by how many LPPCs is set forth in the Menu-Item Legal Pros Performance Credits. Legal Pros may change these conditions any time without affecting the already earned incentives to which Users were entitled.
  8. Legal Pros Badges: Users will automatically receive certifications or badges if certain conditions have been fulfilled. We grant “Level Certifications” (LEGAL PRO, RECRUITER, SENIOR , PARTNER) once the respective amount of LPPCs have been earned and we grant “Activity Badges” (CONTRIBUTOR, AUTHOR) once the respective conditions have been fulfilled. The conditions regarding the respective certifications or badges are drawn out in the respective menu item.
  9. Legal Pros Member Invites: Legal Pros Users have the ability to invite new members to the Legal Pros community by sending “invite” – e-mails to them. Once such invited member has completed her/his profile, the inviting member receives LPPCs not only for the new member invited but for all further members successfully invited by that member (“member network”).
  10. Legal Pros Jobs: Any User, who qualifies as a Recruiter may post jobs in the respective section of the Legal Pros platform. Such jobs comprise temporary project jobs or jobs for permanent employment. Legal Pros jobs may however also be other types of legal assignments, which a User wants to get solved by a Legal Pro. The Legal Pros platform may therefore also be used for tenders to receive quotes from legal professionals.
  11. Legal Pros Search Options: Any User, not only companies, may search the Legal Pros databank by qualification, language, location and availability or by name to find other Users, who meet the sought for requirements. Users may connect with each other and directly communicate with each other if this should be preferred to posting a certain job in the “Job”- section.
  12. User profiles: Every User has to set up his/her own profile. Users, including companies, are responsible for setting up and for administering/maintaining their profiles. Legal Pros is not responsible for the information revealed thereon. Legal Pros may however from time to time request additional proof of qualifications or other proof of correctness of the data stated in the User profiles. Legal Pros may in addition from time to time request formal proof of identification from its Users including the information regarding beneficial owners. It is however always the responsibility of the Users to verify the correctness of the information stated.
  13. Legal Pros Team: Members of our team set up profiles but do not participate in the LPPC, the Certification – or Badge – programs. Members of our team may be identified by the “badge” LP-TEAM.
  14. Deletion of profile: Users may at any time delete and/or add information or as Legal Pros to have a profile deleted in whole. Profiles will be set up for any kind of Users.
  15. Wrongful Information, Breach of Conditions of Usage: Legal Pros may deactivate, block or delete a User profile after having notified the respective user via e-mail ten days in advance if Legal Pros becomes knowledge of the incorrectness of information posted by a user or if a user in any other way infringes these conditions of usage as long as the respective user does not after having been notified by Legal Pros of the infringement rectifies it within ten days of the notice sent by Legal Pros. Legal Pros’ not-acting upon the knowledge of an infringement by a User does not rectify the infringement due to lapse of time and the right of Legal Pros to seek remediation from the respective user will stay unaffected.
  16. Change of Conditions of Usage: Any change of these conditions of usage- and data privacy will need to be approved by the Users. If a User does not approve the potentially changed conditions of usage- and data privacy, Legal Pros may deactivate, block or delete the respective users profile.